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* Pallets can be picked up at our warehouse, have your order number with you when you arrive. Please email or call us to set an appointment for pickup. 

* If you need pallets shipped, you will be billed separately. PALLETS DO NOT SHIP FREE.

* You will receive an invoice via email (the email address you used to create your account).

* All invoices MUST be paid within 48 hours.

* If your delivery address is a commercial property with a loading dock or you have a forklift, please email us that information so we can get you a lower rate. 

*Shipping costs vary depending on LOCATION and QUANTITY of pallets. The following is just an example of freight costs for shipping pallets LTL (less than truckload quantities) the cost includes residential deliveries which require lift gate service to remove the pallet from the truck. 

These pallets ship from Ohio. If you refer to the example below, you will have a better understanding of shipping cost to your location. The further you are, the more expensive it will be (most of the time).

1 pallet shipped $175 - $750                   2 pallets shipped $325 - $1,300

3 pallets shipped $475 - $1,800             4 pallets shipped $625 - $2,200

5 pallets shipped  $775 - $2,500            6 pallet shipped $900 - $2940

*The more pallets you have shipped, the lower your average cost per pallet will be, leaving more profits for you. 

 * This is just an example for you, not exact quotes. Again, location and quantity of pallets will determine your shipping cost. Once you complete checkout, we will get the exact cost and send you an invoice via email. 

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